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Published: 28 January 2021

Do you dream that your wedding will look so perfect that Martha Stewart Weddings is going to want to showcase it?

If you’re looking for ideas on how to achieve that then read on.

If the idea of styling your wedding completely confuses you, or you have no idea of where to start then you are in the right place. You’ll be surprised at just how many ideas you already have within you; you just need a little help bringing them out of your head.

With Covid-19 meaning weddings are being postponed and newly engaged couples are nervous and planning their weddings further into the future, you have the luxury of time to ensure that every detail of your wedding is true to you. Making it a beautiful event for your guests to talk about for a long time. Here are a few ideas to help kickstart your creative juices and get you styling your wedding in no time at all.

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What is Style?

  • The first question that you should be asking yourself is how design driven are you? Are you just wanting something simple that looks pretty and serves a purpose, or is your desire to have something more elaborate, that really has the ‘wow’ factor? All styles of wedding take some thought, however if it is the latter that drives you then that is going to take more consideration.
  • When people start to think about the style of their wedding, they must think about the theme that they want to run throughout it. Now a theme is not just about having a ‘Super-Heroes’ or, ‘Peaky Blinders’ type of theme, where everything is designed around this. A theme encompasses the style and design of the whole of your wedding and covers all the core principles of design. If it is done properly it will give a ‘feel’ to your day, bringing it alive. Now, if ‘Peaky Blinders’ or similar is your thing then brilliant go for it, otherwise designing your day may need some serious delving into the possibilities. You need to be thinking about every component that is to be used and aligning them so that they work harmoniously together. Every element should be intentionally placed and fully customised to you, ensuring that everything has relevance.

Where do I start looking?

  • You can start by describing the atmosphere that you wish to create for your guests. Sit down and do a brainstorming session. Don’t think too much about it just write two lists; everything that you like and everything that you don’t like. Ask yourself is there something that means something special to you? Did your grandmother always buy you the same flowers for your birthday? Have you still got your favourite scarf since you were 9? This is a brilliant way of getting stuff out of your head and giving your mind space to really open your thinking. This allows you to be more creative and let ideas ‘flow’ in.
  • When you picture your wedding day in your head, what does it look like? Do you have anything that stands out? I would recommend using Pinterest and creating a Mood board, or even better several boards for comparison. Use these to grab ideas and see if they work together, or if you can spot any patterns. Remember this is just you gathering ideas at this stage.
  • Couples often start by looking at photos in magazines and blogs. These can be of some use if you find a look or an idea that you like and it is timeless, however be aware that by the time you are reading these the styles and information could be up to two years old and no longer of relevance, or ‘old news’. Better photos to be looking at are suppliers’ own or reading their blogs as they get these out to the public quicker and so their inspiring ideas are more recent.
  • The next place that I would recommend is social media and websites. Follow the suppliers that you like to get their inspiration on what is the next thing, or what are they currently working on. These are perfect as they are more likely to be current.
  • Look outside of the wedding industry, always remaining aware and constantly looking around at your surroundings. Look at the brands that you like, especially their shop windows & websites. Look into the entertainment industry and look at what is going on in the background, what things are being used to help to entertain you? Is there a particular back drop that you like? Did you like the candelabras on your favourite tv program? Take a trip to museums and galleries as they are particularly good at utilising space and lighting to the best effects. Always be looking at nature, whether it be the colour of a flower or a beautiful sunrise, all these things can be translated for your wedding design. Don’t just copy though, look for ways to adapt these and make them your own. Dissect what you like about them and think were you might use them in your design. Think about how you can take this further and really develop it.
  • The likelihood is that you will end up with a head full of ideas, which can get confusing so again get them down on paper. This again clears your head for new thoughts to come in. Once you start to get ideas together let them simmer and sink in, from there mark what are definite options and review these as you go along to ensure that they are still relevant to you.
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Things to consider

  • Choosing the colours that will run throughout your design is not always easy as Colour Theory is a science. It is not just about choosing your favourite colour, although this is something to consider. When thinking about your colours, you also need to think about the shades and tones, as it will affect everything from your flowers, bridesmaids’ dresses to the décor at your venue. Before deciding on your colour, you must see it in person as different technologies can often calibrate differently and the colour that you see on screen can be quite different than the true colour.
  • As the colour that you choose is going to be carried across a lot of components you must check that it suits all elements. Ensure that your colours work well with the venue chosen and not against it. It is essential to determine your choice of colours as soon as you can as everything should carry this colour theme though. Once you start planning if you start adding different colours randomly your overall effect will come across as confused and disjointed.
  • Now you may have found a colour that you absolutely love, however too much of a good thing can be overpowering. Try picking different tones of the same colour and add in a neutral colour, such as subtle grey and/or white, metallic accents can work to soften the look too. Don’t think that everything must match. Using different colours will create a layered aesthetic, although ensure that your colour choices work together well and provide a beautiful visual contrast.
  • Flowers are so important for enlivening your venue décor, however there are other areas where colour can be brought in. Choose a pretty linen, table linens do not have to be white. Style a colourful napkin, beautiful chair cushions, other soft furnishings, or a colourful installation above the dance floor.
  • If you have already booked your photographer then use them as a valuable resource to bounce off your colour ideas. They can advise you on how your colours will look on the day at your chosen venue and how it will look in your photos at different times of the day, and with different lighting.
  • Another area to think about is adding any items of furniture, or props to your design. These can be quite impactful if they are true to your colour palette and design. If done well as well as being practical, they can provide a focal point for discussion.
  • Lastly, unless you are wanting to lose a good friend you must consider your bridesmaids. Not all hair colours and skin tones work with all dress colours. Take stock and try to choose a colour palette that can be flattering on a variety of skin tones. Not every dress has to be the same colour, as long as it has the same tone. Your bridesmaids will thank you for it.
  • If you find yourself struggling with the whole idea of wanting to have something special, but not knowing what works that you can reach out to an expert who can help you. A Wedding Stylist is a professional who can lead the way in bringing your ideas to life, or if ideas are lacking then come up with tailored suggestions for you to consider. They are the ones to keep you on track and stop you from making mistakes. They also work with any venue dressing companies that you hire and will coordinate with them during your planning and on the day to give you peace of mind.

Well, that is me done for this one. I hope that you now have some thoughts to go forward with. Planning and designing your wedding can feel lonely, however, remember that you are not alone, talk with your partner, your friends and family, and if need be get a professional in to help you.

If you want a chat about anything relating to your wedding then get in touch and let’s get your wedding sorted.

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