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Written by Tracy

Published: 3 October 2021

Do you get excited at the idea of planning your wedding?

If not, a wedding planner can help you to achieve the wedding of your dreams without the hassle and headaches that can go with planning your special day.

Were you one of those little girls that could not wait to grow up and get married so that you could wear a big princess dress? If you want to achieve the perfect wedding day for you, then as lovely as that image is choosing your dress is just one small part of a detailed plan.

Or maybe you love the idea of a beautiful well-planned wedding, however you would much rather spend your time doing anything other than planning it.

Did you find yourself setting off buzzing with excitement, fuelled by the champers from your congratulation toasts, reading every wedding blog and going on every wedding website for ideas, only to decide that planning a wedding can be exhausting? You love the idea of a beautiful day filled with laughter and lots of fun, however the idea of working on budgets and talking with suppliers leaves you numb with boredom.

Some people were born to be organisers and love the idea of getting into the nitty gritty of what they need to do and get on with doing it. Others either freak at the idea of how much needs to be done, or quite frankly have absolutely no inclination to do it. They just want the result of a fantastic wedding day, planned to perfection with every detail chosen to match what they desire.

Now, if you are the type of person who can associate with the latter then there is good news for you. Today having a wedding planner is not just for the rich or famous. Working with a wedding planner can take all that stress away from you leaving you free to enjoy having a life and not worrying about how you are going to bring everything together. Someone else gets to do that on your behalf.

Couples use the services of a wedding planner for varied reasons, the following are a few of the things that you can get done for you, or at least help with. This is not an exhaustive list as every couple is different and so the services provided are tailored to the individual couple’s needs.

1. A wedding planner is an expert wedding professional

When building a new house would you just turn up and start throwing bricks into a pile of mortar and hope for the best? No, you’d bring in an architect to ensure the foundations are solid, draw up plans and organise a team to ensure that your pipes are in the right place for your needs and the walls are going to stay standing, all whilst making the flow of the house feel homely.

A planner is like an architect who’ll help with the bits that you need without taking over. Working with you to determine exactly what it is that you want and ensuring that is what you get. We think of the little extra details that can be overlooked, whilst wearing many hats to ensure everything comes together beautifully. Together, we work with you and your suppliers to build your dream wedding day, service by service.

2. Logistics is our middle name

Actually, that’s not quite true as I don’t have a middle name, however if I did logistics would be it. As a planner we guide you through all the logistics of planning your day. This means you get things done without any of the stress of having to regularly communicate (chase up) with your venue and all your suppliers, as we do all that for you. Knowing the right questions to ask is so important and we’re doing that right from the beginning. We also offer advice on insurance, your guest list, seating/table plans and much more. If you want us to, we’ll even monitor and chase for your RSVPs.

3. We’re your wedding bestie

As we get to know you, we’ll help to bring your vision to life by brainstorming ideas which reflect your likes and dislikes. We’re always excited to talk about your wedding and on hand to lend an ear if you feel like you need to have a moan or a chat. If you choose a planner who also has a styling service then they’ll be there to help you design, plan, and create the most beautiful of days too, all with your personalities stamped on it.

4. Who’d say no to a time machine?

Okay, we can’t actually give you a time machine. What we can do is save you hours of time, which means that you get your life back. These days planning a wedding can take on average around 500 hours to organise, this is time that you could be enjoying your engagement and having a life outside of planning your wedding. Utilising our contacts means that you do not waste hours on the internet looking for the best suppliers for you. We know which ones you’ll connect with more and will only recommend the best as this is a reflection on our service, and we want you to be happy. We’ll also keep you on track advising you what needs to be done and by when, ensuring that you don’t miss any deadlines.

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5. The boring stuff

As important as they are not everyone gets excited talking about budgets and contracts – guess who does though? Yes, that’s right, us planners do. We’ll manage your budget and ensure that you are spending it wisely. Few people love reading a contract and even less know what they are looking for, however a planner will analyse all your contracts to determine what should and shouldn’t be in there, which protects your legal rights.

6. Wedding referee

A wedding can produce conflicting ideas and sometimes people can become outspoken. For me, the most important opinions are those of my couples, however sometimes there are situations where it’s a bit more complicated than that. As a planner is not part of the wedding party or a guest we can offer an objective point of view, which can be excellent for providing mediation between family members & friends if needed.

7. Makes you feel like a VIP

Planning a wedding should be a fabulous experience from the day that you get engaged all the way through, not just on your wedding day. With a wedding planner, you’ll feel like a VIP with your own wedding p.a. Someone who’s always there in your corner ensuring that all your plans are coming together, supporting you whenever you need them to.

8. Your wedding brigadier

Everyone wants their wedding day to run perfectly, and a planner is there on your day to coordinate everything and ensure that everything runs smoothly for you.

If anything does go wrong, then they will invoke prepared backup plans, or ensure that the issue gets resolved and does not affect your day. They will literally plan your wedding day like a military operation, although that is all going on behind the scenes so you won’t feel so regimented.

Your wedding day is broken down into stages with everyone knowing what they are supposed to be doing at every stage.

9. Mindset coach

Mindset is a word that is probably over-used these days, however for me having the right attitude and thoughts are so important in every single thing that we do in life, especially planning your wedding. A wedding is such a special occasion that a lot of pressure can be put on a couple from day one, by themselves and others.

There are many things that a couple can worry about, as there is only one chance to get their wedding day right. There are so many parts to planning a successful wedding, which means dealing with so many suppliers and keeping track of all the conversations. This can lead to couples becoming confused about what they must do next, or worse serious overwhelm.

Worries about doing the right thing and their guests enjoying themselves can lead to couples overthinking every decision they make which leaves them feeling unhappy.

As an NLP Master Practitioner, I work with my clients to ensure that any negative feelings that may crop up for them are worked through, getting them back to enjoying planning their wedding.

For those couples that don’t have access to professional help, they must stay on top of their self-care and try and recognise an emotional problem before it grows into an issue. My blog ’How to enjoy your wedding planning journey’ can be found here at Finding Planning Your Wedding Stressful? Here’s How To fix That and is full of top tips to keep you enjoying planning for your day. Check it out!

I always tell clients to look at having a planner as an investment in themselves and their time, not an additional cost in the budget. You want to arrive at your wedding day feeling relaxed, fresh, and eager for the day to start. Not frazzled and terrified that something is going to go wrong and there’ll be no one there to sort it out. Or worse, you’ll be the ones sorting it out when you should be drinking champagne and feeling fantabulous.

If you want to find out how I can make your planning feel blissful then contact me for a chat.


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